A WordPress blog about Drupal

Ya ya I know the blog is about Drupal and how great it is, why am I using a wordpress blog to talk about it.  Well, its a matter of getting to know and keeping involved in other areas of the trade.  All though the blog is about Drupal, that doesn’t mean all other cms’s are bad.  Drupal is great and in my opinion one of the best, if not the best open source cms system available.  But so is wordpress and so is joomla.  I like to keep active in other systems because keeps me learning and more importantly it gives me something to compare to.  For just a blog I definitely would say use WordPress. For someone that might need the most features out of the box because they have very few programming skills or general knowledge of websites then joomla might be better, but with a little work and a small learning curve later, I think Drupal is the answer especially for a site that might forever expand.


~ by Jared on May 21, 2009.

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