So Why Choose Drupal part 2

So because of my desire to get back into the net, my search for an easier way to do websites began.

I was surfing along one day and found some shopping cart scripts, I had bought my own server and was leasing bandwidth, (I wanted to be able to host a bunch of sites) so I installed the scripts. They worked ok. I was into html but it took me longer than I felt it should and after finding the scripts I figured if they can do that than they can probably do more. So I kept looking. I then one day came across a blog (I wish I could remember the name to give credit). In the blog it had mentioned something about some cms (Didn’t know what that was at the time) and Drupal (had no idea on that one either). To summarize this blog it had said something about using cms and drupal to power your sites. It talked a little about it but the main thing I remember is the phrase why once using drupal would I ever use anything else.

Well at that time thats about as much as I got involved in drupal. I did start researching cms though and found a little info here and there and started hearing about joomla, handshake and several others. By the way cms is content management system, basically a way to input store and retrieve information. I started to understand the importance and benefits of using a cms as my backend for building websites.

I was amazed at some of the things you could do. Well not amazed at what you could do but how easy it seemed to be to implement these things if I were to use a cms.

So I then decided to decide which ones to tryout. I looked and looked tried a few I didn’t like. Read and read and read until I came across an article on the 2008 opensource cms of the year drupal. Wow it rang a bell, I remembered the blog about the designer who had said he would never make a website with anything else. I read the article in full and decided to give it a shot. I went to and began reading.. After about ten minutes I dove right in downloaded the program and had a site up in about 20 minutes. Now it wasn’t top notch by any means but the things I could do out of the box, and the amount of time it took to get the site up was amazing. The guy in the blog was right.

After just trying Drupal for an hour I knew it was one of the best, and this is why I have stuck with it. Ill explain more about why I have kept using it and choose to use it over other systems in more detail later, but basically it was so much better than anything I had used before, and since it was free I decided to try to understand it to its full extent.


~ by Jared on May 21, 2009.

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