Download the Drupal Software

Okay you decide you want to use Drupal for your next web site.  Where should you get started.  You have your domain name and know where you are hosting the site right.   You will need an mysql database, so your host provides this for you.  Now You need to start by downloading the program.  The best place to do this is directly from Drupals site .   So you head on over their and you will see right on the front page, a downlad  area title drupal 6.12 and 5.18 released.  These are the versions that are current as of this writing,  Lets get the 6.12 version or 6. whatever version is there.  You might as well start with 6 because it is a later version although if 7 pops up at some point I would stay with the latest 6, because when drupal releases its versions the addon modules usually are lagging behind and developers need time to upgrade their modules to meet the latest release of drupal.   Drupal 5.x versions only work with modules for drupal 5 and drupal 6.x versions only work with modules for drupal 6.  Ok well talk more about that later.

So download the latest version and put in a file on your desktop.  Now you can use your favorite zip utility and unzip it into the folder.  Now you have a copy of Drupal unzipped on your system.  Some would say keep it zipped and upload it to the server that way, although faster especially when doing large files its more difficult because of unzipping files on your server can be confusing for newbies so, because this blog is for rookies we will stick with the easier stuff.

Next post will talk about uploading it to the server.


~ by Jared on May 22, 2009.

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