Drupals Themes and Templates

When first getting drupal installed you have a basic looking site, with more function than a normal site of course.  The look and feel of the site is determined by the sites template or in Drupals case its theme.  The reason they call it a theme (this is an opinion) is that each theme has several template files in it, made up of a mixture of php and html.  Plus they will have a stlyle sheet.  Calling a theme a template might confuse the template files with the full on theme of a site.

Your out of the box install comes with several themes, mostly plain looking but not bad and the default theme is garland.  So if you want to make a quick overhall to the look of your site you simply need to head over to your admin theme section and choose a different theme.

You could always design your own template/theme or take a quick look at the drupal community sites they have plenty of them, most of them for free.  There is a fairly new site out as well that has tons of free drupal themes.  It has a bunch to choose from all free and no back link  (on the bottom) required.  Anyways the point is that with a few quick searches you can have a great looking site simply by changing drupals themes.


~ by Jared on May 22, 2009.

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