Uploading Drupal to your Server

Now that you have the files located in a place on your desktop you will need to upload them to your server.  To do this I use an ftp program called core ftp.  It has a free version you can download, just do a google search and you should find it.  Download it, set it up to work with your ftp account from your host provider.  (Typically you can put your domain address in and your ftp username and password into coreftp and your ready.)

Now once you login coreftp will take you to your root folder for you on your server.  You will probably see a public html folder or something similar and a few others like certs or cgi-bin.  You will go to the public html folder and this is where you will upload all the files for drupal.  Just find them in your ftp window, open the drupal folder on your desktop and highlight all the files inside (including the folders like the includes folder etc.) click the top file and scroll to the bottom file hold shift and click the bottom file you will then have all files highlighted.  Now just click the arrow or upload button to send them to your public html folder.

You have uploaded the files to the server and your just about ready to get your site going.  So well do a quick couple things first before you start your new site.


~ by Jared on May 23, 2009.

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